The Stewardship Series

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The Stewardship Series is a group of publications describing stewardship activities for various audiences. The series is funded by federal and provincial governments in a partnership with non-government organizations on a project by project basis. All of the Stewardship Series guides can be obtained from the above website, or by emailing
As well as the Streamkeepers Handbook and Modules, current publications include:

The following are available through:
The Department of Fisheries and Oceans
The following are available through:
BC Ministry of Environment Lands and Parks
250-387-9369 or 1-800-387-9853
  • Stream Stewardship: A Guide for Planners and Developers
  • Watershed Stewardship: A Guide for Agriculture
  • Access Near Aquatic Areas: A Guide to Sensitive Planning, Design and Management
  • Community Greenways: Linking Communities to Country, and People to Nature
  • Fish Habitat Enhancement: A Manual for Freshwater Estuary and Marine Habitats
  • Land Developers Guidelines for Protection of Aquatic Habitat
  • Water Stewardship: A Guide for Teachers, Students and Community Groups
  • Landowner Contact Guide for British Columbia
  • Naturescape British Columbia: Caring for Wildlife Habitat at Home
  • Stewardship Bylaws: A Guide for Local Government
  • Stewardship Options: For Private Landowners in British Columbia
  • Stewardship ‘94
Available from:
B.C. Wildlife Federation 604-533-2293

  • The Wetlandkeepers Handbook: A Practical Guide to Wetland Care. For more information contact BC Wildlife Federation
Available from:
The Fraser Basin Council 604-605-3450

  • Community Stewardship: A Guide to Establishing Your Own Community Group

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June 15, 1997