The Streamkeepers Handbook and Modules

The Streamkeepers Handbook and Modules is available for download.

The Streamkeepers Handbook and Modules is designed as an easy to use resource for getting actively involved in your local stream and, is part of the Stewardship Series. It will help you discover and monitor the health of your stream, undertake restoration projects, and includes information about:

The following is a list of what is included in each of the modules for streams.
* denotes inclusion in Streamkeeper Training
MODULE 1 * - has video
Introductory Stream Habitat Survey
Walk a stream and map its features
MODULE 2 * - has video
Advanced Stream Habitat Survey
Select a location and complete a detailed habitat assessment
MODULE 3 * - has video
Water Quality Survey
Collect a water sample and test it for purity
MODULE 4 * - has video
Stream Invertebrate Survey
Collect and identify aquatic bugs to assess stream health
MODULE 5 - has video
Storm Drain Marking
Paint a yellow fish beside storm drains to identify that they empty into local streams
Stream Clean Up
Learn the do's and don'ts of cleaning up a stream
MODULE 7 * - has video
Streamside Planting
Select, propagate and plant native species
Streamside Fencing
Design and build a fence to protect streamside vegetation
Observe, Record and Report
Guidelines for identifying and reporting unlawful activities
Community Awareness
Educate your neighbours about their watershed
MODULE 11 * - has video
Juvenile Fish Trapping and Identification
Capture fish in a live trap and determine its species
MODULE 12 - has video
Salmonid Spawner Survey
Identify and count spawning salmonids
Creel Survey
Monitor sport fishing effort and catch
Stream Channel Improvement
Assess sites, design and build a project

The Streamkeepers Handbook and Modules is available through the Pacific Streamkeepers Federation. If you would like a copy, please mail a cheque for $30.00 to:
The Pacific Streamkeepers Federation
1858 Beaulynn Place
North Vancouver, B.C., Canada
V7J 2T1
If you wish to use MasterCard, please call
604-986-5059 (Vancouver area)
or 1-800-723-7753

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June 15, 1997

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