MODULE 11 - Juvenile Fish Trapping and Identification

This module shows you how to select sampling locations and trap juvenile fish in your stream, using Gee traps. These live-traps are baited and placed in the stream for several hours or overnight. A key is provided to help you identify salmonids and other kinds of fish likely to enter these traps

Trapping provides information about the fish species native to your stream, where they live, and their relative abundance.

The kinds of fish you find will tell you about the quality of the strweam habitat. Salmonids are considered indicators of a healthy watershed because they require good water quality and habitat. Documenting their presence helps identify and protect good quality streams and watersheds. Their abundance may indicate the need for restoration projects.

Project Approval Required Training Time Commitment (per year) Number of People Time of Year
yes recommended 1/2 day or more 2 0r more spring through fall

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