MODULE 01 - Introductory Stream Habitat Survey

Collecting valuable watershed information and surveying your stream provides a useful starting project for a Streamkeepers group. You will collect maps, historical information, and current data, then walk your stream to identify and map undocumented conditions. As you become familiar with your stream, you can select the best locations for reference sites or sampling stations. Some of the more detailed surveys described in other modules will be done at these locations.

The mapping process helps you relate land and water use with stream health in your watershed. You will be able to identify habitats in need of protection or restoration Documenting habitat problems, such as erosion, insufficient streambank vegetation, pollution sources, or stream barriers, helps you choose appropriate restoration projects.

Project Approval Required Training Time Commitment (per year) Number of People Time of Year
no recommended 2 days or more 2 or more high flow and low flow seasons

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