Streamside Protection Implementation Workshop

Speech given By Zo Ann Morten October 10, 2001 at the Streamside Protection Implementation Workshop meeting,
at the Delta Airport Hotel, Richmond, BC.

This enacted, proactive piece of legislation helps to clarify for the average person what is expected of them, and how our Governments and we, the people of British Columbia show an understanding of the natural biological diversity of landscapes, including aquatic landscapes and the need to ensure they remain intact, functioning and supporting the life in and around them. This will enable a healthy, healing watershed and provide a path for the safe removal of water from areas that have been impacted by human development.

This regulation did not come about in a closed room setting, there was extensive consultation and many drafts, before a final version was put forth to the elected representatives of all British Columbians.


October 12, 2001
This page courtesy of The Pacific Streamkeepers Federation