Dianne Ramage

Dianne Ramage

Certified trainer Dianne Ramage provides 2 day training workshops within BC. She covers the Streamkeepers Modules 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 & 11

This hands-on interactive course is usually held on the weekends; however, arrangements can be made for midweek sessions. The course is presented in the attendee’s local watershed to bring local knowledge to each module and enable attendees to leave the course with increase intimate knowledge of their local stream. This course is presented in the field, so dress for the weather.

Please call to find out if a course is coming up, or if you have a group of 12+, a course can be arranged for you.

So, if stream mapping, invertebrate surveys and water quality assessments interest you ~ sign up today! Bring your boots and your enthusiasm and we'll bring the coffee & cookies!

For more training information, training dates or to arrange a group course presentation please contact either Dianne Ramage 604 317-2974 , dramage@shaw.ca or Zo Ann Morten @ (604) 986-5059 Pacific Streamkeepers Federation

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November 20, 2004