Project Summary

Salmon access to historic spawning, rearing and over wintering areas in lower Fraser watersheds has been impeded by man-made structures associated with watershed drainage and flood protection. PSkF with some assistance from LGL will work with stewardship groups within primarily Brunette, Coquitlam, Kanaka and Alouette watersheds to identify, evaluate and prioritize sites that are impediments to fish passage. These impediments to fish migration will typically include culverts, flood gates, and abandoned dams. To identify and locate potential fish migration impediments or barriers, the stewardship groups will implement Streamkeepers Module 1 - Introductory Stream Habitat Survey and Module 2 - Advanced Habitat Survey under the guidance a PSkF contractor specifically hired to work with streamkeepers on this project. The need to identify fish passage barriers and prioritization of remediation work according to critical habitat /species came out of the Lower Fraser Coho Conservation and Enhancement Initiative.

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