MODULE 14 - An Introductory Handbook for Instream Habitat Restoration Projects

The Streamkeepers assessment and monitoring activities help you get to know your stream very well. Over time, you may discover opportunities to restore habitat within the channel. However, this type of work involoves a high risk of failure, potential stream channel damage, and possible personal liability. Such projects should be attempted only with professional guidance.

You will be introduced to techniques for restoring spawning and rearing habitat and migration access. Techniques include bank stabilization, fish passage improvement, and placement of boulder clusters, weirs, large woody debris, and spawning gravel

This module focuses on assessing the suitability of your stream for these type of projects. It also provides guidance for selecting approprite installation sites and structure design.

Project Approval Required Training Time Commitment (per year) Number of People Time of Year
yes recommended 1 week or more 2 or more summer

Module 14 Resources

Download Module 14 - Part 1

Download Module 14 - Part 2 - Appendices

Journal of the American Water Resources Association - has papers on hydrology, riparian function, etc.