MODULE 10 - Community Awareness

This module offers a variety of approaches to heightening community awareness of the value of your stream. These methods include:
You can clean up streams, monitor their condition, and undertake enhancement projects, but you must have the support of the community to ensure long-term health of your watershed.

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Empowering Citizens to Become Environmental Champions

The phone rings at West Coast. Or an e-mail arrives. Itís from someone worried about logging upslope from their water source, or who suffers from asthma as a result of poor air quality; or a community group that is upset about a mine polluting a local stream or a development planned in an environmentally sensitive area. The callers often arenít sure whether there is a legal issue Ė a law thatís being broken, or a right that they can claim Ė but something just doesnít seem right. Perhaps, they wonder, thereís something a lawyer can do about it.


Developing aptitudes to interact with governments in environmental matters
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