MODULE 09 - Observe Record Report

This module provides information about using the Observe Record Report system (ORR). You may witness habitat destruction or other environmental violations. This module provides guidelines on assessing each situation and taking approprite action.

Minor situations are often handled effectively through education. However, gather evidence discreetly and do not intervene in more serious situations. You do not wish to become involved in a potentially dangerous situation. The ORR system provides steps to gather evidence safely and tells you who to call in various emergency and non-emergency situations.

Project Approval Required Training Time Commitment (per year) Number of People Time of Year
no not necessary 1/2 day to ongoing 2 per team anytime

Module 9 Resources

Report a Violation Online

The Report All Poachers and Polluters (RAPP) program is a toll free tip-line and web-based service that allows you to report known or suspected violations of fisheries, wildlife, or environmental protection laws anonymously and without risk of confronting the offender.

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