MODULE 06 - Stream Clean Up

Cleaning up a stream is a rewarding activity for any group and often is the first step in a stream restoration project. A very small group can spend just a short time cleaning up a local stream bank, or a large group can take on a major project.

When you undertake a large-scale cleanup, you want to be sure you do more good than harm. The stream cleanup module provides guidelines on personal safety, time of year, permission required, and project organization. It also tells you which materials to remove and which to leave in the stream.

Streamside areas often are used to dump unwanted household and commercial garbage. Garbage attracts more garbage. Unless this cycle is broken, habitat damage may occur and recreational value of the area will be lost.

Project Approval Required Training Time Commitment (per year) Number of People Time of Year
yes not necessary 30 minutes to ongoing 2 to many summer: instream
all year: streambank

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