MODULE 05 - Storm Drain Marking

Storm drain marking involves painting a yellow fish symbol beside roadside storm drains to remind people that water entering these drains flows directly into a nearby creek.

You will be provided with carts containing all the necessary materials. While marking drains, you will also distribute brochues that explain the significance of the yellow fish and provide household tips for stream care.

Storm drains collect runoff roads and parking lots and empty into the nearest stream. People sometimes dump toxic household wastes, such as paint and pesticides, down storm drains and these compounds flow into a nearby stream. Storm drain marking projects help educate people about the harmful consequences of their actions, while providing alternate suggestions.

Project Approval Required Training Time Commitment (per year) Number of People Time of Year
no not necessary 1/2 day to ongoing 2 or many spring through fall

Module 5 Resources

Storm Drain Marking Powerpoint Presentation

City of Toronto Storm Drain video

Storm Drain Marking Video - Broadband

Storm Drain Marking Video - Dial Up

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