MODULE 03 - Water Quality Survey

Water quality measurements provide basic information about your stream. Measuring a few important stream characteristics in selected locations, at critical times of the year, can help you detect watershed problems.

You will be given detailed instructions for measuring turbidity, dissolved oxygen, pH, and temperature using simple equipment. You will sample at least twice a year, when stream flow is very high and very low, and more often if you can.

Human activities in your watershed alter water quality and stream flow. Often, natural vegetation is removed and urban development covers the soil with impermeable surfaces. When this happens, runoff from precipitation flows directly into streams rather than being absorbed by the soil and then slowly released. Flood, drought, sedimentation, contaminant addition, and fluctuations in water temperature often result.

Project Approval Required Training Time Commitment (per year) Number of People Time of Year
no recommended 2 days to ongoing 2 or more high flow
low flow

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