2017 Streamkeepers Volunteer Insurance Program (VIP)

Last update: Sept. 23, 2017

Available to anyone involved in Streamkeeper or salmon enhancement activities and who is a member of the Pacific Streamkeepers Federation. View our FAQ.

Download the forms to fill out and mail to PSkF (Please note-original documents must accopany the cheque):

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Volunteer Accident Benefits
2017 / 2018 Application for Streamkeepers VIP (Volunteer Insurance Plan)
2017/2018 Directors and Officers Insurance
2017/2018 PSkF Membership Application
Please Review this Checklist before Submitting Your Application
Information Regarding Salmon Enhancement and VIP

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  1. Master Policy will be issued in the name of Pacific Streamkeepers Federation. To be eligible for insurance coverage available under this program, your group must be a registered non profit society and must belong to PSkF at a cost of $15 per year. When joining, please provide PSkF with a list of members current as at the date of applying for your membership.
  2. Applications must be completed by an officer or authorized representative of the society or club and be returned to The Pacific Streamkeepers Federation at 1858 Beaulynn Place , North Vancouver BC V7J 2T1 or e-mail to pskf@direct.ca. The application will then be forwarded to Underwriters Insurance Brokers for issuance.
  3. The Master policy is issued in the name of PSkF and member societies are insured under the policy. The Department of Fisheries and Oceans are automatically included as additional insureds with respect to liability for each member society. Each society may request other entities (municipalities, landlords etc) to be added as additional insureds. Insurance certificates can be issued for each society for a fee of $25.00 per certificate.
  4. This insurance policy will cover special events,(up to 50 participants and excluding alcohol), such as those where members of the public are invited for the purpose of fundraising, or for public relations purposes. Groups who hold such events (over 50 participants) throughout the year will be required to purchase a Special Events Liability Insurance policy. A separate Special Events application must be completed and sent to Underwriters Insurance Brokers who will issue a separate policy for the event.
  5. Insurance Broker---- Westland Insurance Group, Home Agncy Insurance, 402 W. 8th Ave, Vancouver.

This outline is not a contract of insurance. It is merely a brief description of the various coverage quoted. In all cases, the provisions of the actual policy riders and conditions shall prevail. Coverage is for a one-year term and includes the following benefits:


Limit : $5,000,000 each occurrence $1,000 Deductible
Participants’ coverage included.
Covers all activities , for Modules 1-14 of the Streamkeepers Handbook, of the society or club, and their members, officers and directors as identified in the application for the policy.



1. Accidental death and dismemberment limit $25,000
2. Quadriplegia, Paraplegia, Hemiplegia $50,000
3. Accidental dental limit $1,000
4. Accidental reimbursement Expense $10,000
5. Fracture indemnity limit (Various Limits) $1,000
6. Tuition limit $2,000
7. Special transportation limit $150 per trip max 5 trips per term $750
8. Eyeglasses/contact lenses limit $100
9. Rehabilitation Benefit $5,000
10. Special treatment limit $1,000
11. Prosthetic appliance limit $3,000
12. Hospital Indemnity $2,500
13. Weekly indemnity (30-day waiting period) $250

Optional property insurance can be arranged through Underwriters Insurance Brokers covering buildings, office equipment, accounts receivable, money, equipment, and uniforms . Out of province excess medical insurance is also available up to $5,000,000.

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