Parkside Creek Watershed

Parkside Creek
Total Drainage Area: 1.2 km2
Length: 1.8 km
Orientation: North-South
Elevation Range: 0-120 m
Parkside Creek



Watershed Use


Key Interest Groups/Government Bodies

Watershed Projects

Recommendations and Suggested Actions

Construction of a fishway at the mouth of the creek is proposed as the system is only accessible to anadromous fish at high tide (DFO, 1998)
Stewardship initiatives concentrating on improving water quality, preventing encroachments into the channel and floodplain, storm drain marking, signage and access management, landowner contact, and increasing public awareness are needed (DFO, 1998)
The District of North Vancouver should be encouraged to maintain, and possibly expand, its comprehensive Environmental and Preservation Bylaw which protects, preserves, and conserves natural settings and ecological systems of trees, watercourses, soils and lands (DFO, 1998)
Particular attention should be paid to the disposal of stormwater when planning development (Environmental Research Consultants Ltd.,1974)
Future enhancement: installing a fishway in the culvert at Banbury Rd.

Available Sources of Information

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