Tips on Spawner Survey Module 12

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Ideally, take four people, two people for each side of the stream. Do not walk across the streambed, as fish may have already spawned. The poker (person in the stream poking into undercuts to scare the fish out) usually can't see the fish, as they move too quickly. It is the spotters task to watch for, and count the fish

Module 1 Image
Here, the poker is poking deep into the undercut

Module 12 Image Module 12 Image

Here is a shortcut for measuring the percent bankfull depth. This streamkeeper has aligned himself with three known landmarks. Landmark 1 is a rivet on the bridge, and indicates mid-channel. Landmarks 2 and 3 are directly across the stream from each other, at bankfull depth. The rod he is using has a mark on it for bankfull depth for this exact spot. A measurement can now be taken from it, and % bankfull can be calculated. e.g., if the current water level is halfway between the bottom of the rod and the bankfull mark, the % bankfull is 50 (50%).

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March 30, 2001
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