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A Salmon for Simon

Betty Waterton
Illustrated by Ann Blades
Douglas & McIntyre
ISBN 0-88899-107-X

All the Way to the Ocean

Joel Harper
Illustrated by Marq Spusta
Freedom Three Publishing
ISBN 0-9714254-1-8

Come Back Salmon

Molly Cone
Photographs by Sidnee Wheelwright
Sierra Club Books for Children
ISBN 0-87156-489-0

Do Whales Have BellyButtons?

Melvin and Gilda Berger
Photographs by Higgins Bond Scholastic
ISBN 0-439-08571-3

Gone Fishing

Earlene Long
Illustrated by Richard Brown
Sandpiper Houghton Mifflin Books
ISBN 0-395-44236-2

In One Tidepool

Anthony D. Fredericks
Illustrated by Jennifer DoRibbop
Dawn Publications
ISBN 1-58469-038-0

Life Cycle of a Salmon

Angela Royston
Heinemann Library
ISBN 158810327-7


Elma Schemenauer
Nature’s Children: Grolier Ltd.
ISBN 0-7172-2829-0


Sylvia M. James
Illiustrated by Paul Bachem
Mondo Pubishing
ISBN 1-57255-805-9


Ron Hirschi
Carolrhoda Books, Inc.
ISBN 1-57505-482-5

Salmon Creek

Annette LeBox
Illustrated by Karen Reczuch
Douglas & McIntyre
ISBN 0-88899-458-3

Salmon Forest

David Suzuki and Sarah Ellis
Illustrated by Sheena Lott
Greystone Books
ISBN 1-55054-937-5

Salmon Stream

Carol Reed-Jones
Illustrated by Michael Maydak
Dawn Publications
ISBN 1-58469-013-5

Silversides: The Life of a Sockeye

Hubert Evans
Illustrated by: Kim LaFave
Nightwood Editions
ISBN 0-88971-152-6

Swimmer: Journey of an Alaskan Salmon

Shelley Gill
Illustrated by Shannon Cartwright
Paws IV Publishing
ISBN 0-934007-24-1

Swimming Salmon

Kathleen Martin-James
Lerner Publications Company
ISBN 0-8225-0963-6


Leo Lionni
Dragonfly Books.Alfred A. Knopf
ISBN 978-0-394-82620-2

The Life Cycle of a Salmon

Bobbie Kalman & Rebecca Sjonger
Crabtree Publishing Company
ISBN 0-7787-0705-9

The Lorax

Dr. Seuss
Random House
ISBN 978-0-394-82337-9

The Salmon

Sabrina Crewe
Raintree Steck-Vaughn Publishers
ISBN 0-8172-6234-2

The Salmon Princess

Mindy Dwyer
Sasquatch Books
ISBN 978-157061-355-5